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Dedicated to the rainforests of the world: some of the most beautiful, unique, and fragile environments on the planet.

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Hidden Wildfires Taking Big Toll on Amazon Rainforest - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Power Shift 2013

If you’re looking for a great way to get involved in environmental issues and meet other like-minded people, I highly recommend going to Power Shift 2013, hosted by the Energy Action Coalition. It’s a great experience and is being held in Pennsylvania this year to get even closer to the coal and fracking issues.

Do you believe in a clean energy future? You should DEFINITELY consider going to this awesome convention in October. Sign up for more information!

Reality Check: Amazon Deforestation


Another key symbol of our relentless destruction of the environment has been our deforestation of our Amazon rainforests. As global demand for beef and soybeans has gone up alongside increasing populations, companies – in the interest of increasing profits – have cleared vast amounts of land in…


Cool pictures of rain forests…

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